In today’s fast and busy lives we don’t get time to relax and give yourself a break. When you don’t give time to yourself then eventually you become like a machine.

A machine that is completely busy in giving the priority to the materialistic things and not doing what is better for yourself.

We are giving priorities to things like improving living standards, getting promotions, getting a significant hike in salary or buying a dream house or a car and other similar things.

I used to think the same until my friends of mine took me to the marvelous Himalayas that I had never explored. Trust me it was a life-changing experience for me.

Hello, there I am a software engineer living in Delhi.

Recently, we had a long weekend at our office and I was confused about what to do? My colleagues suggested me to come along with them who were planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh.

For those who don’t know about Himachal, it is located in the Upper and Middle Himalayas.

The Himalayan mountain ranges are the newest mountain ranges of the world. For the last 5-6 years, I have not been to places for leisure and even if I had been, that was just for office work.

I needed a break from my busy and fast life and I wanted to give some time to myself. So, I didn’t waste much time in thinking and joined him.

The Journey Begins…

We decided to go in his car. Well, he has a comfortable 4×4 SUV. We started our journey right after our office on Thursday night around 9. As we crossed the rush and traffic of Delhi and entered Haryana, there was umpteen number of restaurants and roadside eateries on the national highway. We stopped at one of those restaurants in Panipat for dinner.

By the time we finished our dinner, it was already 40 minutes past 12. Then we continued our journey and took the wheels.

I can’t express the beauty of that drive. I drove for a good 200 km but it felt like 20 km. The smoothness of the road, the comfort and ease of the SUV, the soothing pleasant music and adding to it was the best car essential oil diffuser that filled the air with magic. It can’t be expressed in words.

So we were going to this place called Manali. Manali is famous for its picturesque views, adventurous sports, and local alcohol(though I don’t drink). Manali is the gateway to the far-flung area of Ladakh.

It connects Ladakh with the rest of India. Moreover, it is very significant for religious tourism as well. Manali as a few Buddhist sites, the famous hot spring of Manikaran Sahib is also situated near Manali. The one thing that Manali is most famous for is the Rohtang Pass.

Also, there is another very famous pass called Keylong.

 There was so much adventure waiting for me and I was very excited about it and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

Get Lost Into The Lush Mountains

The total journey from Delhi to Manali is about 550 Kms. We didn’t have any problem with our whole journey. As we crossed Chandigarh, after about 45 minutes, we finally hit the mountains. This was the time when I had a big smile on my face.

The first small hilly town that we reached was Bilaspur. First, we decided to stop there and rest for a while but later we changed our plan as it was still dark, so, later we changed our plan and decided that we will take a break somewhere between Sundernagar and Mandi.

The best part of the journey was that every next view was better than the previous one.

Mandi is an industrial town and one could see many industries on the way.

We stopped at one of the restaurants in Mandi on the highway and had breakfast. It was quite early in the morning around 6:30 when we stopped.

The people were very friendly in the restaurant, they let us in even they were not opened yet. We had some breakfast there and left there at about 8.

Our supposed next stop was our hotel in Manali which we had already booked on our way, but the views were so amazing that we had to stop and capture those amazing views.

As we moved ahead, construction was going on for several tunnels to shorten the distance.

This construction was stretched for a good 25-30 km. We were feeling very happy and fortunate that we in a 4×4 SUV and didn’t feel much trouble from the unmetalled road. After some time we finally entered Kullu.

Kullu has its own culture and is famous for its Dussehra celebration.

Our destination was still an hour’s drive ahead.

One of the best things that I liked was that the road that leads to Manali is situated on the banks of river Beas.

It feels so amazing when you are traveling and the river is flowing on your one side and gives you some of the most scenic views.

After about 12 hours of wonderful drive, we finally reached Manali and checked in our hotel.

The view from my room was quite gorgeous. The vibe was amazing and I was feeling very energetic even after a tiring 12-hour drive of which I drove for 5 hours.

My Take From The Trip

The biggest take from this trip was that I felt so relaxed mentally that now I have decided to take breaks regularly from my busy schedule of work.

Indeed, work is important for everyone and everyone must do their respective work seriously and dedicatedly.

But at the same time, we must also remember if we don’t give rest to our minds then what is the benefit of earning so handsomely?

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