Hampta pass trek

Hampta pass trek is one of the most beautiful treks to exist all through the nation. The Hampta Pass trek is famous for the stunning vistas that one gets the opportunity to observe while trekking through the valley.

 The Hampta Pass trekking trails fill in as an association between thedelightful Lahaul Chandra Valley and Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Theaverage separation for the trek to Hampta Pass is 26 Km which takes five daysto cover. The most extreme stature that a trekker will go on the Hampta Passtrek is 14,100 ft. 

The strolling some portion of the trek starts from thetown of Jobra. To arrive at the town of Jobra, one needs to drive from the cityof Manali. It takes around 2 hours to arrive at the town of Jobra from Manali.

 After arriving at the town of Jobra, start the trekto the base camp of Chika. The base camp of Chika is situated at a stature of10,100 ft. While trekking from the town of Jobra to the Base camp of Chika, onewill run over the lovely River Rani and will observe the exchange of the sceneto rough slopes.

 The following leg of the trek incorporates trekking from the base camp of Chika to Balu ka Ghera which is arranged at a stature of 11,900 ft. The trekking trail among Chika and Balu ka Ghera is a short and dazzling trek.

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 One can feel the loftiness of the Himalayan rangeas one gets the chance to see the Dhauladhar runs otherwise called The WhiteRange. From Balu ka Ghera, trek towards Siagoru lectured at tallness of12,900ft and afterwards towards the Hampta Pass which is situated at anelevation of 14,100 ft.

 During the last rise, one will see the loftyHimalayan scene in the Lahul and Spiti Valley. Alongside it, the stylishmagnificence of the valley is additionally an incredible sight. After stayingfor a while at the Hampta Village, the arrival venture starts.

 On the arrival venture, take an alternate course toinvestigate different districts. Drive from Chatru to ChandraTal, to see themoon-formed lake. From ChandraTal drive to Manali through the Rohtang Pass toreach Manali. 

Best timeto go 

The best time to embrace a trek to Hampta Pass is frommid-June to October. These months are the ideal time to observe the greatmountain scopes of Himachal Pradesh.

 The temperature during the Hampta Pass trek between the long periods of June to October ranges from 12-20 °C in the day time too – 2 to 6 °C in the evening time. For the other portion of the year, the trek course is shrouded in a full day off, it exceptionally hard to trek. 

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During these months, the snow begins to soften, and thewaterways likewise come back to full greatness. The pleasant climate withagreeable temperatures makes it conceivable to make the most out of thetrekking campaign to Hampta Pass.

 Shockingly, the long stretch of August is thesunniest time at Hampta Pass and the most favored time to attempt the trek. 

Step bystep instructions to reach 

The beginning stage of the Hampta pass trek is Jobra. Thetown of Jobra is a two-hour drive away from Manali. One needs to reach Manalito start their trek to Hampta Pass initially. The dazzling city of Manali canbe effortlessly reached via air, rail, and street. Be that as it may, the mosthelpful approach to reach Manali is through Delhi. 


The closest air terminal is the Kullu Manali air terminalsituated in the town of Bhuntar. The air terminal gets departure from two ofthe significant urban areas of India I .n. Delhi and Chandigarh. The KulluManali air terminal is 52 km away from Manali. One can go out and about fromthe Kullu Manali air terminal to reach Manali. 


The shut railroad station is 116 km from the city ofManali. Joginder Nagar Railway station gets trains from Pathankot. Most of theexplorers don’t like to take the rail course while heading out to Manali. 


One of the most helpful strategies to reach Manali is bythe street. The city of Manali is very much associated with close-by urbanareas like Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Shimla (to give some examples) throughthe street. Standard medium-term transports utilize among Manali and Delhi, andit takes around 12-15 hours to go between the goals. 

The perfect path of the Hampta Pass trek pulls inexperienced just as amateur trekkers the same. Experience the nature’s magnificence at its best while trekking through Hampta Pass.

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