MALANG ” is certainly no stranger to itsdiverse tourist destinations. One tourist option that is worth visiting whilein this cool city is its natural attractions.

 Not only thebeautiful beaches, but Malang also saves waterfall tourist destinations thatdeserve to be taken into account its beauty. Here are ten waterfalls in Malangthat will make our eyes fascinated.

1. Coban Rondo Waterfall


Jalan Coban Rondo, Pandesari, Kec. Batu, Malang, EastJava – Indonesia

Opening hours:

09.00 – 17.00 WIB

The cold that overshadows the city of Malang is one ofthe reasons why this city is much missed. But not only that, there is a naturaltourist destination that is very attached to the cool air of Malang Raya.

 Coban RondoMalang is a waterfall that is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.This waterfall in Malang is sourced from the Cemoro Budo spring, which is oneof the sources in the mountainous region.

 With a height ofnot less than 84 meters, this natural tourism becomes one of the favouritedestinations when the holidays arrive.

Shades of beauty and naturalness bind the atmosphere ofa classic-looking waterfall around the whirlpool of the waterfall.

 We can pamperrespiratory organs freely breathe clean air, fresh and free from pollutionthere as much and as much.

2. Coban Rais Waterfall

Another waterfall that is quite famous and frequentlyvisited by tourists is Coban Rais Waterfall. This waterfall is located in theBatu Malang area situated precisely in the Dresel Hamlet, Oro-Oro Ombovillage, Batu Tourism City.

 Its relativelocation near the rock town makes Coban Rais one of the cheap touristattractions that are often visited by tourists to fill the holidays.

 Waterfall with aheight of 80 meters, high enough for a waterfall size. There we can take a bathor play water as we wish.

 To sure keepclean and bring back trash and throw it in the garbage, so that nature ismaintained its sustainability.

3. Coban Talun Waterfall


DAM Coban Talun, Kec. Batu, Malang, East Java –Indonesia

Coban Talun is a waterfall tourist spot in the city ofMalang. Coban Talun Waterfall is a tourist destination in the campgroundlocated on the slopes of the western part of Arjuna Mountain, which is locatedapproximately 15 km from the city of Malang.

Along the way to Coban Talun Malang, we will be treatedto a wonderful and enchanting view. With views of the left and right appletrees that are planted by very appealing residents.

 For roadconditions to get to the location of Coban Talun, the road is rocky, but it issafe enough to pass a 4-wheeled vehicle.

4. Coban Pelangi Waterfall


Ngadas, Poncokusumo, Malang, East Java – Indonesia

Opening hours:

07.00 – 16.00 WIB

Coban Pelangi is one of the waterfall tourism areas inMalang Regency. It is called Coban Pelangi because indeed in this place arainbow appeared and was affected by the refraction effect of the sun’s raysthat hit the water.

 With this addedheight of approximately 110 meters, Coban Pelangi became one of the favouritetourist attractions in Malang.

5. Coban 7 Overlapping Waterfall


Duwet Krajan, Tumpang, Malang, East Java – Indonesia

Coban pitu, so named because indeed this place presentsthe rush of a waterfall with seven streams but sourced from 1 spring itpresents another panorama from another. Coban is located in the hills, all theway to this place we will be treated to beautiful natural scenery.

 Before reachingthe location of Coban Sumber 7 Tumpang, we will first be spoiled with apanoramic view of Coban Tunggal with a large and swift discharge throughthe path. So it can be said when visiting, we will get two tourist destinationsat once in one trip.

6. Coban Ginger Waterfall


Tumpang, Taji, Jabung, Malang, East Java – Indonesia

Coban Ginger is a waterfall tour that is different frommost waterfalls in general. This tour looks like a beautiful colorful flowergarden which then has a waterfall in the middle.

 The swiftdischarge of water that glides from a height of not less than 45 meters flickedwater splashes on various objects contained underneath. Coban Jahe Malang istruly an enchanting natural tourist destination.

7. Coban Tumpak Sewu Waterfall


Tamanayu, Pronojiwo, Lumajang direction Malang, EastJava – Indonesia

Don’t claim to be a true adventurer, if you haven’ttried the sensation of exploring Coban Tumpak Sewu in the border area of​​Malang – Lumajang. The term “Coban” itself is a Javanese people’scall for a waterfall while “sewu” means a thousand.

 So named becauseit is not only one or two waterfalls that flow from a height but can be said tobe a group, this is why it is called Coban Sewu.

 The swift waterflowing from a height of approximately 180 meters is indeed worthy of itsbeauty.

 Seeing CobanTumpak Sewu reminds us of the niagara waterfall, but this one is, of course,the niagara who lives in East Java.

 Many people saythat this waterfall from Coban Tumpak Sewu falls from heaven. Because the wateris so clear, cool, refreshing as if to make anyone who saw feel impressed.

8. Coban Clibungan Waterfall


Ampelgading, Malang Regency, East Java – Indonesia

The waterfall in Coban is not high, but it is quitebeautiful, especially for lovers of slow speed photography, there are manylarge stones around a waterfall. There we are free to play water falling intothe river which is not too deep.

 Supportingfacilities are also quite adequate, and there is a dressing room or bathroomnear the resident’s house. In addition to its perfect place, one of the Cobanin Malang can also be an alternative cultural tourism, the people there areamiable, it is recommended to get to know and interact with the surroundingpopulation, which are mostly coffee and clove farmers. Oh yeah, Coban CiblunganMalang is also good for pre-wedding.

9. Coban Tundo Waterfall 3


Sumbermanjing Wetan, Tambakasri Village, MalangRegency, East Java – Indonesia

One more beauty of Malang Regency that we must visit.Coban Tundo, his name is. Coban Tundo, which is in the South Malang region,actually has three levels in one area at a time. Namely, Coban Tundo 1, 2, and3.

 However, thefavourite spot is Coban Tundo 3, where we can jump from a cliff with a heightof approximately 20 meters.

 Very interestingis not to try? Of course, not just anyone can do this; only those who are bravespirits can carry out anti-mainstream activities.

10. Sumber Pitu Waterfall Pujon


Tulungrejo Hamlet, Pujon Kidul Village, Kec. Pujon,Kab. Malang, East Java – Indonesia

For those who want to adventure in Malang withouthaving to spend a lot of time, maybe Coban Sumber Pitu is suitable to visit.

 The waterfalltour which is located in the South Pujon area (Malang Regency) is somewhatfresh because it became popular around 2014.

 Besides beingfresh, not many Malang residents know it because the road directions to reachit are very minimal.

 The rural atmosphere will be felt once it reaches the Pujon area. After passing through the challenging access road, our satisfaction will be paid upon seeing the beauty of the waterfall.

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