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WordPress has become the easiest and customizable platform to create a website. It is incredible and when considered along with some plugins, then it becomes a platform with no flaws. Many people have limited knowledge about WordPress plugin development. For such, this blog can be a lifesaver, as we have listed 7 WordPress SEO plugins which any WordPress Agency in the UK will definitely use to turn the website dynamic.

What exactly is a WordPress pluginand why is it considered as beneficial?

WordPress plugins can besynonymous with a group of functionalities which can help to improve yourwebsite. There are a number of benefits of using these incredible plugins,however, to list the below three are the most important;

  • It boosts the overall site performance in the most cost-effectiveway
  • Reduces the security concern completely
  • Helps to create the backlinks for the website

Over 400+ SEO website-plugins are there, which can be used to install and improvise your website. However, the best of the list for the year 2020 includes the following.

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Yoast Plugin

Undoubtedly the #1 WordPress SEO plugin as stated by itsheadline itself in the search engine results. This plugin is an ultimate onehaving the maximum downloads to date with over 4.5 million downloads by variousWordPress development companies. The reviews speak loud for the performance,and it helps to improve the overall compatibility of the website.

Yoast SEO gives you aton of options to improvise many things at once. The plugin is a completepackage as it allows you not to conclude the SEO; instead, the technicaloptimization can also be achieved through this.

All In One SEO

All in One SEO is less aplugin and more a plugin pack. Apart from the most downloaded tag, it hasearned a lot of ratings in terms of utility and features.

“All-in-one-SEO” is the best amongst all the WP-plugins. It gives you an easy to modify titles, content, tags and sitemap all at once. With packages and features similar to Yoast, the plugins come at a cheap price.

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GoogleXML Sitemaps 

This WP-plugin allows automatic update whenever content on the website is updated in a more straightforward and usable manner. This is the most user-friendly plugin amongst all of them.

Not only the website developers, but this is also the most popular plugin for various digital marketing companies in the UK. Once you install it, you are all set to achieve a fully optimized webpage in no time.

Broken-link checker

Check dead links before the website owner screws you! It isan essential and ground-breaking module utilized for identifying brokenconnections. Broken connections can affect your site’s SEO and give awfulunderstanding to clients. Consequently, it is indispensable to continuechecking your site occasionally for faulty connections and fix them.

Broken Link Plug-in can help you to fix in any missing linksand joints, whatever may be the case. With the assistance of the module’sdashboard, one can alter and adjust these wrecked connections straightforwardlywithout refreshing each page or post physically. Or on the other hand, they canjust evacuate the connection and let the content be in its place.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework WordPress SEO plugin is a second in a rowamongst the best WordPress plugins. The next name in the list ofbest WordPress plugins development is The SEO Framework. The centralvision of developing this plugin is to offer an exceptional experience forpeople who are naïve in SEO.

The SEO Framework plugin is available free for download.Moreover, the plugin can help you to set up advanced level SEO operations. Theprime feature of having this WordPress plugin is the SEO-bar which can help youto judge the writing score.

SEO Press

You can use this plugin to discover keywords for contentoptimization. Other than that, it also helps to implement a google structurefor the article, product, event and other content pieces. You can also monitor301,307 and 302 direction errors in one place. Uses Google page speed to checkyour website’s performance.


The last but not the least comes the powerful WP Meta SEO plugin. This is a famous plugin which allows you to update the SEO status without compromising upon the recent update on Google Algorithms. The plugin comes with an engaging dashboard to let customers use it precisely—the feature which differentiates it from others is its function to publish content at bulk. The only thing you need to do adds images, and content, remaining will be done by the plugin itself.

WP Meta SEO is a timesaver as it helps in editing all the bulk meta and posts. Imagine what youwould do as a digital marketing manager without the timer saving WP meta SEOtool?


WordPress SEO plugins are a big hit for managing your WordPress website and blogging site. Without having one installed on your website, it is difficult to handle a lot of things that are necessary for achieving a perfect SEO strategy.

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