If you are a content creator or a blogger and facing problems in content rephrasing?

Then you are at the right place !!

So what is paraphrasing?

What’s its importance?

Let find out in this blog !!

Paraphrasing tool helps you to rephrase your assignment, contents, blogs, etc. that allows you to express your words/opinion in a better and convenient way.

Many almost thousands of paraphrasing tools are present on the internet, but selecting the best one is a challenging task for you. It takes much time to choose and compare which tool is best for you. The selection of the best tools not only helps you to create interactive assignments but also ease readers to understand it well.

To tackle these problems, we had picked up 9 top paraphrasing tools online(free and paid). It will help you to overcome these problems.

In our list, we had picked up the convenient tools to use and generate meaningful content that can’t be recognized by Google as duplicate content.

Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

1.The best spinner 4.0
5.Spin Rewriter
6.Word A.I. – ( Best paraphrasing tool)
8.Chimp rewriter

1) The best spinner 4.0

The best spinner 4.0 has the fastest and easiest interface to rephrase articles just in a minute. And has built-in English thesaurus and allows user to do the unlimited nested spinning. It is regarded as one of the best paraphrasing software.

Features of Spinner 4.0

● It has the fastest, most straightforward interface for spinning articles and creating unique content with lightening speed.

● It has Easy Super Spun document creation using a visual spinner.

● It has the Best built-in English thesaurus with hundreds of millions of entries added by real users worldwide.

● It has a short individual article rewriter with a well-developed one-click “Auto rewrite” function. Hence it is so convenient to use.

● You can compare any two articles side by side to see bow unique two articles are, and also highlights the duplicate content.

● It allows user to do the unlimited nested spinning for your content or blog, and you can go as more profound as you want.


1) BASIC PLAN:- $67/year

2) STANDARD PLAN:- $127/year

3) PRO PLAN:- $247/ year

2) Paraphrase-online.com

Paraphrase-online.com provides effective and results with maximum accuracy. This tool is so user friendly and can be accessed with minimum effort. It can be accessed quickly, even by the students, as it is very easy to navigate. It doesn’t have any messes such as notification, etc. It does the only job and provides a significant result.

Features of paraphrase-online.com

● It has a built-in reword generator, which helps you to rephrase any text automatically and accordingly without changing its meaning.

● It paraphrases essay, article, phrases, and sentence in no time hence saves your time.

● It delivers a significant and unique result.

● It provides accessibility to accessed multiples times as much time as you want.

● It can be accessed free of cost.

3) CleverSpinner

Clever spinner is one of the cheapest paraphrasing tools. It is a unique web-based article spinner that allows you to rewrite your sentence, article on different levels. It understands texts just like a person due to having Artificial intelligence.

Features of CleverSpinner

● It understands both the contest and meaning of the word used in the line, and then it uses appropriate synonyms to make the word more meaningful and effective.

● CleverSpinner can rewrite 500 words article in just a few seconds as it is coded efficiently.

● It rewrites your content on word and sentence level so that making it more unique and readable.

● It is easy to use a paraphrasing tool to rewrite complete phrases, articles, and blogs in a short time.

● It gives user free three days trial with no obligation to continue. Hence provides the flexibility of working on it.

Price:- CleverSpinner is free to use for three days, then it will charge $9.90 per month.

4) Quillbot.com

Quillbot.com is another best paragraphing tool online. You can paraphrase your content, article for free. You have to just signup to the site to use it. Most people dislike signing to any website, but this website is safe. It delivers a fast result, and it doesn’t need much editing after paraphrasing.

Features of Quillbot.com

● It uses state of the art A.I. that makes the document more summarized and professional.

● It is free to use, and you can use it conveniently.

● It generates an article that doesn’t require much editing. Hence deliver significant results.

● It paraphrases the content in minimum time hence deliver fast result.


1) Annual :- $3.33/month

2) Semi-annual :- $4.15/month

3) Monthly :- $4.95/month

4) Free :- $0.0/month

5) Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is an advanced paraphrasing tool online that uses ENL Sematic spinning for understanding the contextual meaning of the phrase. It can generate up to 1000 articles in just a few simple steps.

Features of Spin Rewriter

1. It uses ENL sematic Spinning technology to spin documents.

2. It is a perfect tool for S.E.O. Specialists that need unique and human quality content to rank their website higher on search engines.

● Spin Rewriter tool allows user to compare their original content with paraphrased content side by side for user clarification.

● Spin Rewriter tool allows you to create up to 100 variations with the single click.

● Spin Rewriter can Spin Bulk article and hence generates unlimited content at a rapid rate.


● Monthly plan :- $47/month

● Yearly plan:- $197/year

● Lifetime plan,:- $497

6) Word A.I.( Best paraphrasing tool)

Word A.I. acted, such as artificial intelligence, and recognized as the best paraphrasing tool. Firstly it understands the full meaning of the whole sentence and then rephrases it. Word A.I. generates high-quality, unique content.

With its smart A.I. its rewrite content in a better way with more efficiency and in better to understand format.

Features of Word A.I.

● It uses artificial intelligence to paraphrase articles with ability as a human writer.

● It looks at all possible ways to rewrite your article based on its meaning.

● It creates articles unique that can’t be detected by search English as spun content.

● It supports many languages besides English, such as Spanish, Italian, French, etc.

● You can easily do Bulk spinning whether you need to paraphrase 100 or 1000 articles with a single click.

● It creates excellent dynamically synonyms for each article, making it just like a human writer.

● It also supports HTML so you can add stylish images, videos with this tool.


● Monthly plan :- $49.95/month

● Yearly plan:- $347/year

● Three days of free trial with any plan

7) Spinbot.com

Spinbot.com is a free, automatic, article spinner that can write human-readable text into additional, readable text. You can instantly spin up to 10,000 characters. It delivers unique, quality textual content that is helpful for S.E.O. It doesn’t require signing up for a free version.

Features of Spinbot.com

● It can spin a maximum of 10,000 characters at a time with free of cost.

● It quickly gets legitimate web visibility in terms of human readership and search engine like google, yahoo, etc. Exposure.

● It gives 100% unique, quality textual content that can’t be detected by the search engine as a duplicate content.

● It doesn’t require signup for a free version.

● Spinbot.com rewrite content at a fast rate and no worry about the errors.


If you have to remove ads and captcha of this website. You have to purchase its premium plan.

● 1 Month plan:- $10

● Six months plan:- $50

● 1-year plan:- $75

8) Chimp rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is the best choice for those who are taking article rewriting and sentence rephrasing very seriously. It is loaded with many powerful tools such as N spin, anchor text spinning, and random ordering.

Features of Chimp rewriter

● It is trusted by over 32,000 marketing specialists to create S.E.O. Friendly content.

● It helps you to create new content with Cutting edge Al tools.

● It uses artificial intelligence and natural languages to understand and rephrase the whole article.

● It included push-button tools to find articles for research purposes and combine them to create new and original content.

● It supports various languages such as English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, German, etc.

● It has most of the S.E.O. tools such as Search engines ranker, W.P. rocket, etc.


It has two premium plans, a monthly subscription plan, and a yearly subscription plan. Both plans include 1500 API requests and can work on two computers. It gives 14 days free trial on the purchase of any plan.

● Monthly plan :- $15/month

● Yearly plan:- $99/month

9) Goparaphrase.com

It is one of the professional paraphrasing tools available online. It paraphrases the whole content in just a matter of a minute and gives useful and accurate results. It has a simplified user interface.

Features of Goparaphrase.com

● It is one of the best professional paraphrasing tools that deliver significant results.

● It generates unique and attractive content without any errors.

● It is entirely free and requires no registration for using this tool.

● With the help of this tool, you can also check for plagiarism.

Price:- Goparaphrase.com is a completely free paraphrasing tool and doesn’t require any registration or cost.


Hence we presented your top 9 paraphrasing tool (free and paid) that can be used to create your article more unique, more effective, and more user friendly.