Are you a blogger, student, SEO specialist, or even a beginner? Are you looking for some good article spinner and rewriter tools to make your tasks easier?

Then you are the right place. This article will be your guide to understanding what all tools are best for you to work with and how those tools can help you. This will also help you compare the tools and make your decision accordingly.  

Before we move onto the tools, lets us first get a deep understanding of what are article spinners and rewriter tools and how are they useful.

What is an Article Spinner?

In the literal sense, when an application converts the existing content into a different writeup of the same meaning, it is called article spinning.

The best Article Rewriter or Spinner is an online application or software that changes the article in such a way that it is unique (with 0% plagiarism) as well as retains the meaning of the original content. Here, the resultant content is called paraphrased content or article.

There have been questions about the legality of the article spinners. At one time, the concept was frowned upon and was considered fraudulent.

Later on, when people realized its applicability and usefulness, it gained popularity.

At present, this tool is used by many industrial sectors for content recreation.

Some SEO experts use best article spinner software to create numerous unique versions of the same content to avoid duplicity.

Students also use these tools for paraphrasing content for their assignments and projects. Hence, these tools are the most useful commodity to deal with content.

How to use an Article Spinner?

There are certain ways in which you can effectively utilize article rewriters to ensure that every variation of content is unique and meaningful.

So, how can every version come out to be different? It is possible with differences in formatting, anchor texts, images, bullet texts, etc.

There has been an observation that the more versions you acquire of the same content, the more difficult it is to decipher its meaning with clarity.

That is a discrepancy most tools have. They might have certain grammatical errors or structuring errors.

So, how can you overcome that?

To ensure that what you received is the right content, you should just copy and paste that content in Grammarly. This will give you a lit of probable errors that you can edit and make your content apt for submission wherever necessary.

What are the Best Article Spinners and Rewriters?

If you search online, you will get a list of good article spinners. But to get the best ones, you might need a little help.

The content rewriting part is quite delicate. Due to this, the spinner tool should not be compromised to ensure the best result in one go.

There are free and paid ones available online for your utility. Though still workable, free ones are a little less reliable than the paid ones.

But, if you do not think you can go for the paid ones, not to worry. Free ones work fine for you.

Just do not forget to use Grammarly or any other grammar checking tool after the rewriting tool has been utilized.

The paid ones on the other hand give you advanced options for content spinning that can be quite useful.

Now, to move on, let us give you the list of the best article spinner and rewriter tools.

List of The Best Article Spinner and Rewriter Tools.

  • The Best Spinner 4.0-(paid)
  • Quillbot– (free+paid)
  • Spinner Chief 6– (free+paid)
  • Chimp Rewriter- (14 days trial+paid)
  • Article Rewriter of Prepostseo
  • Spin Bot– (free+paid)
  • SEO Magnifier-(Free)
  • Rewriter Tools-(free+paid)
  • SEO Tool Station-(Free)
  • WordAI (Paid)

Now we explain all article spinner and rewriter tools one by one

1. The Best Spinner 4.0-(paid)

The user-friendly interface of the tool will make the job much easier for you. You have to paste the article into the editor and the tool in an instant will re-write the article for you.

This is the best article rewriter tool to date. It is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology, using which it can create good quality human-readable and easily understandable content in a single click.


  1. Supports more than 14 languages
  2. Allows instant publishing of your newly spun content into the WordPress Blogs
  3. The new content is entirely different from the original version and even better to an extent
  4. Free of any plagiarism that you can verify by any online plagiarism tool.
  5. Its Cloud Thesaurus” offers the complete BEST English language thesaurus you’ll find anywhere on the whole planet!
  6. Generate an audio/mp3 document from any post using cutting-edge technology.


This is a paid tool and has three premium plans. If you are not satisfied with it you can ask for your money back within 30 days of purchasing it.

Basic Plan – $67 per year, complete access, multiple devices compatible, 30 monthly credit for audio conversion and translation, all bonuses, etc.

Standard Plan – $127 per year, Basic Plan + 60 monthly credits

Pro Plan – $247 per year, Standard Plan + 300 monthly credits

2. Quillbot– (free+paid)

It is a paid tool that provides detailed features to customize how much and what kind of paraphrasing you want. there is a lots of best article spinner softwares available on internet but It is considered one of the best article spinner software.

This paraphrasing tool features the capability to perform an article spinning on both phrase and word level. Besides, it is also capable of rewriting full sentences.

Unlike the other re-writer, Quillbot uses the advanced AI for its operation and replaces the words with the right and possible synonyms. The tool is available on monthly and yearly plans.


  1. You can paraphrase repeatedly till satisfied with its thesaurus options and synonyms facility
  2. It has 5 modes- standard, fluent, creative, suggestive, and concise to prioritize the focus of paraphrasing
  3. It can help you summarize your content
  4. It has extensions for MS Office, Google Chrome, and Google Docs


Available for free for limited access only, it has 3 paid plans: Monthly with $4.95/month, Semi-annual with $4.15/month, and Annual with $3.33/month. It has a 3 days money-back guarantee as well.

3. Spinner Chief 6– (free+paid)

This tool provides advanced spinning features. The resulting content is precise and more relative to the human writer. It also uses Natural Language Analysis and AI Technology for understanding before rewriting.


  1. Uses Part-of-Speech Analysis, Emulated NL and AI, Statistical Replacement Technology, etc. to provide human-like quality
  2. Supports 20 languages from around the globe
  3. Manages cloud-based thesaurus for word flipping
  4. In-built grammar checking and thorough article spinning formula
  5. Available as an online application and downloadable desktop software


If you wish to use for personal use you can avail any of the plans below.

Free- Offers basic options

Elite- $87 one-time with few advanced features

Ultimate- $315 one-time, $46/year, $23/month, $7 for 3 days with $53/year, or $7 for 3 days with $149 one-time fee.

For your official use, you can avail of the following plans.

3 members- $273 one-time, $122 per year, $7 for 3 days with $280 one-time

5 members- $413 one-time, $204/year, $7 for 3 days with $420 one-time

10 members- $689 one-time, $273/year, $7 for 3 days with $696 one-time

4. Chimp Rewriter- (14 days trial+paid)

It is a completely (downloadable) desktop-based best article rewriter software. It is compatible with MAC and Microsoft.

It spins articles within a few periods ensuring that it is readable both for machines as well as for humans.

It can rewrite the text in plenty of different languages of the world like English, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Swedish, Romanian, Italian, German, Portuguese, as well as Spanish.


  1. Uses NLP and AI technology for quick spinning while detailed analyzing
  2. Enables online researching for similar content and spin into a unique content
  3. Provide language translations with spinning as well
  4. Can add images and videos in newly rewritten content
  5. Possible to integrate it with miscellaneous applications like Ultimate Demon, WP Robot, etc.
  6. This spinner offers automatically insert videos and images, alternating from multiple sources at the push of a button.


This is one of the best spinning tools offering 60 days money-back guarantee along with 14 days trial period. It has two plans.

Monthly- $15/month usable on 2 computers

Yearly- $99/year

5. Article Rewriter of Prepostseo

Article rewriter of the Prepostseo allows the professionals to produce a 0% plagiarism-free article.
Advanced AI is working behind this tool that changes the structure of the sentences in such a way that it is human-friendly as well as plagiarism-free.

This is one of the preferred SEO online tools that provide facilities for plagiarism check, grammar check, SEO score check, and article rewriting. This entire suite of tools is an all-in-one content writing package for SEO professionals and content aspirers.


  1. Free to use tool
  2. No limit on rewriting
  3. You can upload files instead of copy-pasting to spin
  4. Final check by users including manual changes
  5. Plagiarism check as a final step
  6. Chrome extension available
  7. Integration of other tools for the combined result
  8. Article Rewriter of Prepostseo is also the ideal tool for every single student, author, teachers, writer, and blogger, etc.

6. Spin Bot– (free+paid)

This is a free content rewriting tool that has gained popularity among students, academicians, and bloggers. But, as they say, everything that is free has its limitations. This can be said for Spinbot due to its limit to character count.


  1. Generates human-readable and understandable content
  2. Has a limit of close to 100 words
  3. No sign up or log in required to use the free tool
  4. You can ‘ignore’ selected words to forego spinning or rewriting of them if you so choose


It is a free tool, but the subscription can be purchased to remove adds and captchas wherever applicable.

Monthly- $10/month

Half Yearly- $50/6 months

Yearly- $75/year

7. SEO Magnifier-(Free)

This tool is an all-in-one SEO helper with every inclusion that can be thought of including online paraphrasing, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, word counter, backlinks creator, meta tags generator, punctuation checker, and so on. All its features stem from these inclusive tools and the fact that you can utilize this tool free of cost.

That is not all. The resultant rewritten content will always be free of plagiarism and high in quality.

Since, google always prefer the best quality content with all the good qualities of an SEO based article, then that content would be greatly ranked.

8. Rewriter Tools-(free+paid)

rewriter tools

This is a content spinning tool provided by Small SEO Tools, which is free and uses automated software to spin the content.

This tool ensures that the words change precisely in the way that the exact meaning is retained.

This tool has been specially designed for content writers, bloggers, and even webmasters. It provides fresh, unique, and quality content.

The tool has a detailed algorithm working behind it that allows you to produce unique content within a short time.

Besides, the rewrite articles of this tool is also able for the plagiarism checkers to detect.


  1. Generates the kind of content that all readers and search engines always prefer
  2. Has a large database consisting of a huge number of synonyms to improve the quality of the content
  3. Does not work on spinning the text to form a new paraphrased output as it only takes the input of a readable format to give a readable output

This is a free tool that can be used by anyone online.

9. SEO Tool Station-(Free)

SEO tool Station is a platform where complete web working is possible. It provides various tools under numerous categories like content, website, keyword, tracking, backlinks, link analyzer, domain, proxy, premium, password, and proxy tools.

This is a tool that has one of its categories as the Content tools that consist of Article rewriting as well. You can paste your content in the box and submit.

Within a few seconds, you will receive an article that is suitable for readers, google-preferable, and good quality read.


  1. Has an Automated Rewriting provision in the tool that can spin a given content in a matter of a few fractions of a minute
  2. Provides fast loading and response, allowing multiple articles to be rewritten in a short time
  3. Each article is plagiarism-free automatically that can be verified after the resultant content is acquired
  4. Supports many languages and can help rewrite any language content
  5. Due to its diversity in provisions for a complete SEO and marketing package, this is highly popular

It is a good quality yet free-to-use tool.

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10. WordAI (Paid)

This is a tool that the users love not only because of its capability to provide a perfectly human-readable content as output, but also because it has a very easy-to-use user interface that many prefer.

It has an optimum efficiency that stems from its Artificial Intelligence Technology incorporated for the analysis of the words and context of the given input article.


  1. Currently running the version 4.0 that is 150 times faster than version 3.0
  2. Better content guaranteed due to AI’s involvement that enables understanding of an idea, context, word formation, and different meanings for each word that suits the best
  3. Can help you rewrite many articles in a single upload
  4. It supports 4 languages including English


This tool provides a 3-day trial period and two different plans.

Monthly- $49.95/month

Yearly- $347/year


We have provided you with the Best Article Spinner and Rewriter Tools (Paid and Free both) in 2021 that can be utilized for the maximum benefit of anyone willing to deal quickly with the content and gather a different version without much effort. It’s a guarantee that you will be well-satisfied with their respective results. Every tool has its specialty and you can find the one thing that can set it apart from the others.