In the first, let me tell you what is Editing Software and when it is used. Editing software is the way to cut, add, and present the clip in the video in front of the viewer. You can also create a good effect on editing software. Be it simple or fairly advanced, and every video requires editing software.
There are so many editing softwares in the market, but not everyone is so useful. Let me tell you some of the most used editing software.

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Camtasia Video Editor
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Adobe Premiere
  • HitFilm Express
  • Lightworks

1- Avid Media Composer( free+paid)

Avid Media-Composer for the domestic consumer is not as popular as the prior two, in the professional post-creation studios of film and TV is very common due to its dynamic workflow with tasks in the best resolutions, Background video transcoding, sound processing, and a vast selection of possibilities in story-and media-management.

This Video Editing Software offers three plans which are.

  • Media Composer | First- (Free) download link
  • Media Composer- ($23.99 USD /Monthly)
  • Media Composer | Ultimate- ( $49.99 USD/Monthly)

2- Sony Vegas Pro(free trial+paid)

This video editor software is made by upgrading sony vegas movie studio. There is a lot of feature inside this software, and it is with powerful effect. The most important thing about this software is that it does 3d editing and 4k video also supports if you want to use video editor for professional work, then you can use this video editor software.
This editor supports avi, mp4, wmv, wma, oma, ogg, aaf, aif etc. Files in the input and supports files like mp4, wav, wmv, mvc, mp3 etc. In the output.
This Video Editing Software offers five plans which are.

  • Free trial- Download link
  • VEGAS Pro 17 Edit -( $249 )
  • VEGAS Pro 17 -( $299 )
  • VEGAS Pro 365 -( $16.67/month )
  • VEGAS Pro 17 Suite -( $399 )

3- Camtasia Video Editor(free trial+paid)

Camtasia is also one of the best video editing software. It is available for both Windows and Macs. Camtasia gives you features such as a computer screen record in addition to editing your videos so that you can easily edit videos recorded from Camtasia. In Camtasia, you get all the features according to your needs, with the help of which you can give an excellent look at your videos and edit according to your needs.
Camtasia video editing software is easy to use, and with this new and less knowledgeable people can also edit videos well. It also provides video editing guides with the help of which you can learn to edit videos.

This Video Editing Software offers Two plans which are.

4- DaVinci Resolve Studio( update pending)

DaVinci Resolve 12 encloses the innovative top featuresof assembly, color correction, delivery, and finishing in one program. DaVinciResolve can be scalable and independently resolution, consequently ideal bothon the arranged and in small creation studios, or for the integration to theworkflow of the best Hollywood productions!

İnnovative editing, Multicamera production, powerful color surface finish, and correction: DaVinci Resolve may be the only system that skillfully manages the whole workflow with the most compatibility and the unbeatable outcomes of its Legendary picture quality. That is why DaVinci Resolve may be the ultimate Hollywood solution.

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5- Adobe Premiere(free trial+paid)

This video editor software is for windows and mac. It has been developed by Apple and is a very high-quality video edit software. If you want to use a video editor for any professional work, you can buy it because it is rarely used for minor work. Still, this software is used in a big professional video studio.
And this software supports video input and output of all popular formats.
This Video Editing Software offers Five plans which are

6- HitFilm Express(free+paid)

This software is also the best if I tell my friends, I use this software, it is quite useful, you can download this software, but I will give it that there is no other software that is not good too. I have used all is well, it uses the one it likes, then this software is for the window PC. You will get all the effects related to video editing, and you can download it
And it has a good response, and you can also ring every type of video and output it in any version, you can download any other file.
This Video Editing Software offers Four plans which are

Free Plan- Download link
HitFilm Pro 14- ( $349 )
Pro video bundle- ($583.20 )
Pro Suite- ( $677.60 )

7- Lightworks(free+paid)

If you use different video editor software for different video platforms, then let me tell you that this video editor software supports almost all video platforms and gives you various video editor features of this will be found inside it so that you can edit videos of different platforms within it as well.
Within this, you will get multi-camp editing feature and many video effects features, which you can do any professional video editing, inside it, there are also the web export option and background export-import, etc. This Microsoft window and os x and Linux. In the input, itself, almost all formats of video are sported in its input, and almost all formats of the window are also supported in the output.
This Video Editing Software offers Four plans which are

Free Plan- Download link
Month License – ( $24.99 )
Year License – ( $174.99 )
Outright (lifetime) License – ( $437.99 )

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