Nowadays everyone wants to be wireless which may be a wireless speaker, wireless charger, or the wireless microphone system.

The days are gone when singers or we used heavy, wired microphones in Karaoke, DJ, or even in birthday parties.

Today in 2021, there is a huge rise in the usage of wireless microphones, companies associated with microphones are producing quality microphones day by day.

When buying a wireless microphone, you should look at who is dominating the market with their specs, price range, and build quality.

With tough competition in the market to be the best dominator, people often find to be confused in finding the best wireless microphone system under $100.

Even in the market, there are many microphone systems, providing the same features but at two different price points.

Such types of variations made it difficult for customers to select which one to buy or not.

For sake of convenience, we have prepared a list of the 9 best wireless microphone systems under $100, considering their performance, specifications, and other tests.

So, Let’s Start With the Number One: –

1) Tonor TW820(Metal Dual Professional Wireless Microphone)

TONOR Wireless Microphone

Dynamic Mic Handheld Microphone System

  • UHF 902.8-926.8MHz frequency range
  •  long transmission range(60 m) in open space
  • 0.582-ounce lightweight
  • Cordless

Tonor TW820 is the best wireless microphone system for under $100. It has an advanced cardioid polar pattern, effective against unwanted ambient noise.

It has dual antennas that provide resistance against the drop-out when operating in a large area. And has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 50 kHz.

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It has an operational frequency range of 200 ft/60 meters which provides ease and hassle-free experience while operating at a long radius.

Tonor is the best brand of wireless microphone that provides a durable metal build, large operational area.

Tonor TW820 is the perfect choice to be used while karaoke, Big party, Dj, or weddings.

2) Bietrun SY-WXM-2(UHF Wireless Dual Handheld,Wireless Microphone)

Dynamic Mic System Set with Rechargeable Receiver

  • 160ft Range
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 3.5 mm jack

Bietrun SY-WXM-2 is one of the best value wireless microphones which provides a UHF (Ultra High frequency) wireless dual dynamic mic system.

It uses a 3.5 mm jack as a connector and can operate 2 channels simultaneously.

Bietrun SY-WXM-2 can be operated at a frequency range of 160 Fits and has 15 sets of operational UHF frequencies for an interface-free response.

It is made up of Aluminium alloy which’s why it is lightweight and durable.

It can be operated for 4-5 hours on a single charge and has a 720 mAH battery.

So considering its specs it is one of the best wireless microphone systems under $100.

3) Sound Town SWH 2HBV2

Sound town 200

Wireless Microphone System with 2 Handheld Microphones

  • XLR Connectivity Technology
  • 200 selectable frequencies
  • stellar sound quality

Sound Town SWH 2HBV2 combines stellar sounds and provides a sleek look and durable wireless system.

It comes with dual channels UHF frequencies of 530-580 MHz and can be connected at a range of 300 Ft.

Sound Town SWH 2HBV2 comes with built-in audio compression and expansion technology that delivers reliable, smooth, and warm sound.

The features that make it a great competitor against others are its cardioid dynamic handheld microphone with a condenser that minimizes disturbing ambient sounds.

4) Phenyx Pro PTV-1B

Phenyx pro PTV-1B

VHF Cordless Mic Set

  • Best for Presentation, Interview.
  • Operating distance is 130-150ft
  • 16 hours of battery backup

Another in the list of best wireless microphone systems under $100, phenyx pro PTV-1B comes with a lightweight handheld mic that provides great sound quality at a budget price.

Phenyx pro PTV-1B is the best budget wireless microphone system that provides great features at a very low price point.

It is only 2.5 pounds heavy which makes it one of the lightest microphones and hence ease in operating.

It can be used in a range of 160 Fits and has 16 hours of battery backup.

5) Innopow WH 200 N

Innopow WH 200 N

Wireless Microphone System

  • 14-17 Hours Battery Life
  • 5 Pounds light weight
  • 180-240 Ft working range

Innopow WH 200 N is a metal Dual UHF wireless microphone that provides crystal clear vocal sounds without any Interruption.

It is equipped with a unidirectional neodymium cartridge for optimum true sound and a crystal clear sounding experience.

Innopow can be operated within the range of 150-200 ft and can be operated up to 16 hours non-stop.

It has a fixed frequency system that is ideal for churches, small DJ, and birthdays.

Although, Innopow is providing good specifications and can be a good choice for those searching for a wireless microphone system under $100.

6) Frunci Dual cordless microphone

Frunci Dual cordless microphone

Cordless Microphones with Echo Control

  •  rage wireless connection up to 30m
  • 3.54 pounds weight
  • 0.05 khz – 18 khz Frequency Range

Frunci Dual cordless microphone is a tough competitor in the best cheap wireless microphone system as it is quite cost-effective.

Frunci’s portable UHF provides 25 channels of wireless long-range support and has a frequency response of 531-550 Mhz.

It can be operated within the range of 100 ft with VHF signal transmission, offers a powerful and stable connection.

Frunci Dual cordless microphone is the best wireless microphone for live vocals as it provides a cordless mic with a cardiogram that facilitates clear sound by filtering unwanted ambient sounds from surrounding.

7) Pyle PDWM 3375

Pyle PDWM 3375

Professional Wireless Microphone System

  • XLR Connector
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 1 Pounds weight
  • Frequency Range: 573.0 – 597.8 MHz

Pyle PDWM 3375 is an affordable wireless microphone that provides a dual UHF band with 2 handheld mics.

It is equipped with omnidirectional polar pattern technology and has an XLR connection type.

Pyle PDWM 3375 can be connected within the range of not more than 160 ft and has 8 frequency Channels.

It is simple to set up and has clear navigation to do hassle-free operations.

Although, it is a good affordable wireless microphone system with such well specs.

8) Travor UHF HM-02

Travor UHF HM-02

Dynamic Microphone with Adjustable Echo

  • Bluetooth, USB Connectivity
  • transmission range is up to 260 ft
  • 3.41 pounds weight

Travor UHF HM-02 is our next pick in the best wireless microphone system under $100.

 It provides a lightweight microphone (approx:- 3.4 pounds) making it easier to operate.

Each mic in this system has adjustable volume control so that you can increase or decrease the volume at your convenience, at any time.

It can be connected within the range of 260 ft and has an adjustable echo effect.

Travor UHF HM-02 is easy to operate and has a multi-function playing option making it unique.

9) Vegue VW-022

Vegue VW-022

Professional Dual Channel Handheld Wireless Mic

  • XLR Connectivity Technology
  • Up to 200ft long range
  • 3.52 pounds weight

Vegue VW-022 is a professional dual-channel handheld microphone system with a connectivity range of 200 ft.

It has a separate volume knob for precise and accurate vocal mixing. It has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 15 kHz.

Its dual antennas provide a non-interrupted sound delivering system. So no worry about any Interruption.

Up to 25 sets can be used simultaneously without any interface disturbance.

So, it is a good choice for you in the best wireless microphone system under the $100 system.