If you are fond of traveling or like to travel around the globe with your recreational vehicle, then a portable Refrigerator is a must. With the help of these best RV Refrigerators, you can keep your meals well preserved, and your drinks chilled.

RV Refrigerator lets you stress-free for your meals or drinks. Also makes your travel comfortable and enjoyable.

Most recreational vehicles come with an inbuilt Refrigerator, but it doesn’t work correctly in both terms of cooling and power efficiency.

What is an RV?

A recreational vehicle or, in short, an RV is a vehicle or trailer that includes living space specially designed for traveling and living accommodation.

An RV includes a comparatively short living space, bathroom, kitchen. RVs can either be self motorized or trailer which is towed behind motor cars.

Types of RVs include campervan, caravans, motorhomes, trucks, etc.

An early type of RV is a covered wagon that was drawn by a horse in 1745. It helped the North American continent to white settlement.

After 1920 many companies started manufacturing RVs like Airstream.

In the US, about 85% of the total RVs are manufactured in Indiana.

For fetching the needs for food preservation, we use a compact, efficient RV Refrigerator.

What is an RV Refrigerator?

● RV Refrigerator or recreational vehicle Refrigerator is a compact, easy to move a Refrigerator.

● This Refrigerator is used in a movable house, RVs, to fetch preserving foods or cooling drinks.

● It works similarly to the traditional ones, and the only difference is its shape or working source.

● RV’s Refrigerator works on propane gas, or in these modern days, and it works on propane, AC/DC source, etc.

Benefits of Having an RV Refrigerator

● The main benefit of an RV Refrigerator is that it can keep your meal well preserved.

● Campers can cook or consume preserved food while traveling in an RV.

● It saves your money while traveling that is spent on preparing meals again and again.

● It makes your RV like your home with availability to chilled drinks during traveling.

● Modern RV Refrigerators work on more than one power source, so you can use any of these to run it, like AC /DC/LP.

How Does an RV Refrigerator Work?

● RV Refrigerator works on Liquid propane with water and hydrogen gas, which drive out the heat from the Refrigerator.

● Modern Refrigerator, i.e., 2-3 way RV Refrigerator works on LP, AC/DC power source; giving you flexibility while traveling in your RV.

● RVs Refrigerator is designed to perform well in a compact shape and more alternative power sources.

Types of RV Refrigerator

There are three types of RV Refrigerator on the basics of the Cooling system, Size:-

1) Compressor Refrigerator

● A compressor Refrigerator in an RV works on AC/DC power sources.

● It means that it will only work when it is plugged in with your RV’s battery like residential ones.

● It needs an inverter to change DC power into AC power for it’s working.

● It doesn’t affect by altitude and hence cools more efficiently.

● This type of Refrigerator is now used in modern times.

● But the only problem with this Refrigerator is its dependency on an AC/DC power source, i.e., it won’t work when the coach battery discharges.

2) Absorption Refrigerator

● It is the most common type of Refrigerator you will find in an RV.

● The absorption Refrigerator can work on LP (liquid propane), making it more flexible than the compressor Refrigerator.

● It uses propane, water, and hydrogen gas to cool the Refrigerator efficiently. The Refrigerator is generally referred to as an Absorption Refrigerator that works on both AC and LP power sources.

● A 3-way Refrigerator is an Absorption Refrigerator that works on AC/DC/LP power sources.

3) Residential Style Refrigerator

● A residential style Refrigerator is a traditional Refrigerator that works on an AC source.

● It suited well in large RVs due to its size and a power source.

● They are useful because of their higher capacity and faster or efficient cooling system.

● It is less expensive than an RV Refrigerator.

● It requires an inverter to convert DC source to AC source for the working of Residential Style Refrigerator.

Best RV Refrigerator Buying guide 2021

For RV Refrigerator, there are many factors you have to look forward to:-

1) Dimensions or Size

It is an essential factor for those who would like to purchase an RV Refrigerator. Check the dimensions of your Refrigerator correctly and determine whether it properly fits your RV or not. Choose a Refrigerator that fits your RV more suitable without occupying much larger space.

2) Source or Power

Most of the RV Refrigerator runs on propane, which is an ideal fuel for it. But this Refrigerator stops working if you slightly tilt your Refrigerator. So it is good to look at the other alternatives. Many Refrigerators work on more than one power source in these modern days, such as on AC, DC. These Refrigerators are called 2-way or 3-way Refrigerators.

3) Cost

Most of the latest versions of Rv’s Refrigerator cost somewhat, starting at $1,100 to $3,350. Select the most suitable Refrigerator that fetches your requirement. If you Rv’s have more members then you should buy a bigger unit.

Purchasing a refurbished one may save you more.

4) Features

Features are what’s a matter for everyone. Many Refrigerators have lots of loaded features but available at a high cost. So selecting the useful features Refrigerator is a difficult task. Hear what’s you have to look for:-

● Refrigerator capacity

● Adjustable temperature

● Alternatives power source, etc.

So in This Article, We Have Brought You the Five Best RV Refrigerator in terms of:-

● Overall performance

● Best 3 Way Refrigerator

● Best 2 Way Refrigerator

● Best Domestic propane Refrigerator

● Best portable RV Refrigerator

1) Midea WHD- 113FB1 (best overall RV Refrigerator)

Midea WHD- 113FBI


● Double door

● Separate fridge and freezer

● Weight: – 52.20 lbs

● Dimensions: – 18.5 X 19.3 X 33.0 inches

● Capacity:- 3.1 cubic feet

Midea WHD-113FB1 is the best overall RV Refrigerator with a double door, designed to perform well in compact dimensions. It has inbuilt beverage holders with a separate fridge and freezer. This Refrigerator cools your meals and beverages without making shitty noise.

It is slightly larger than a mini-Refrigerator but much compact than the traditional Refrigerator. Therefore it can be tucked under the counter or in an inbuilt cabinet, making it easy to carry RV’s Refrigerator.


  • Separate fridge and freezer
  • Double door
  • Lightweight
  • Inbuilt beverage holder


  • Temperature control sometimes works abnormally
  • Colling fluctuations

2) Smad 3-way Refrigerator (Best 3-way Refrigerator)

Smad 3-way Refrigerator


● Single door

● 3-way Refrigerator

● Dimensions :- 18.11 X 18.9 X 26.71 inches

● Weight :- 48.8 lbs

● Capacity:- 2.1 cu ft

● 0 DB silent absorption cooling system

● Removable shelves

Smad 3-way Refrigerator is our best choice for a 3 -way Refrigerator. It works on DC/AC/LP, so no problem with its alternative power. It is lightweight with a reversible door. It works on 110V/12V ( AC /DC ).

It works fine with a zero db silent absorption cooling system, which won’t disturb you.

It comes with a free pressure regulator, so no need to purchase it from anywhere.


  • Work on AC/DC/LP, propane working
  • Reversible door and removable shelves
  • 0 db silent absorption cooling system


  • Only works on propane gas i.e don’t work on other gases.
  • It regularly needs to clean its chimney.

3) Domestic DM2862RB (best 2-way Refrigerator)

Domestic DM2862RB


● Double door

● 2-way Refrigerator

● CFC/HCFC free insulation

● Climate control system

● Weight :- 143 lbs

● Dimensions :- 28.5 X 143 X 63.5 inches

● Capacity :- 8 cu ft

Domestic DM2862RB is one of the best RV 2-way Refrigerators with automatic LP ignition and adjustable temperature control. It’s integrated design makes it look elegant.

Its standby feature keeps your Refrigerator open in case of any malfunction.

This Refrigerator is loaded with a climate control system that prevents condensation.


  • CFC/HCFC- Free insulation.
  • Climate control systems save energy and prevent condensation.
  • Automatic LP ignition and adjustable temperature control.


  • Doesn’t come with a 3-way power source.
  • Some users complained about the thermal fuse.

4) Norcold N410.3UR (Best Domestic RV Propane Refrigerator)

Norcold N410.3UR


● 3-way Refrigerator

● Reversible door ( 150°)

● Works well in propane

● Dimensions :- 36.5 X 23.6 X 24 inches

● Capacity:- 4.5 cu ft

● Weight :- 95 lbs

Norcold Refrigerator is our best choice for a domestic Propane RV Refrigerator that can hold a 1-gallon container.

It has built-in diagnostics that provide valuable information to simplify servicing.

It can Auto change over between gas and electric, and automatic re-ignition of gas.


  • The higher capacity of 4.5 cu ft.
  • It provides built-in diagnostics, provides valuable information for servicing.
  • 3-way refrigerator.


  • It is more expensive than most of the Rv’s refrigerator.
  • The company provides a short term warranty.

5) Domestic CFX75 (Best Portable RV Refrigerator)

Domestic CFX75


● 12 V electric powered

● Minimal power consumption

● WiFi connectivity

● Led interior light

● Weight :- 28.88 lbs

● Dimensions :- 13.4 X 24.4 X 16.7 inches

Domestic CFX75 is the Best portable RV Refrigerator with modern features such as WiFi connectivity and a USB port for charging Smartphones. It is well compact and works superbly quite. It has an LED interior with minimal power consumption.


  • Works on minimal power consumption.
  • USB port for smartphones charging.


  • Only works on electricity.
  • Less storage capacity.