When it comes to wireless audio devices, everyone is aware of these two brands namely Beats studio and Apple AirPods.

While Apple AirPods Pro is gaining huge popularity in the U.S Market, Beats studio 3 is not so far.

These audio devices are using the advanced, latest technology to provide their customers the best of the best in 2021.

In terms of the latest technology, Apple AirPods and Beats studio 3 are competing with each other to dominate the market.

These companies are producing advanced, innovative, and cost-effective, noise-canceling wireless headphones for their potential customers.

With the cost-effectiveness and Advanced ANC, these companies are leading the US market.

However, there are some major differences between these two audio devices, which we will figure out in our article.

In this article, we are doing a complete comparison between Beats studio 3 vs Apple Airpods pro, based on Build Quality, Design, features, battery life, connectivity, and our personal opinion.

So Let’s Get Started With The Build Quality and Design.

Build Quality and Design

Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Noise CancellingYesYes
Foldable DesignYesNo
Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeYesYes
Volume ControlYesNo
ColorSeven different colorsWhite
RobustMore robustLess robust

Both of the audio devices are well designed, having a great build quality but have some major variations.

Apple AirPods are in-ear earbuds while Beats studio 3 is an over-ear headphone.

Apple AirPods come only in white color while Beats studio 3 comes in seven different colors namely White, Blue, Matte Black, Red, Shadow Grey, Midnight Black, and Defiant Black.

When it comes to build quality, Beats studio 3 is more robust and durable than Apple Airpods pro.

The Beats Studio 3 and AirPods Pro both provide excellent sound quality and wireless convenience.

The Beats headphones are a little heavier and bulkier than the AirPods, but yet they still manage to be comfortable for extended wear.

The design of the Beats Studio 3 is sleeker with its metal accents and more uniform form factor, whereas the AirPods Pro has a more unique style with its polished metal finish on the stems.

Due to Beats studio 3 belonging to the overhead headphones category, it is flexible, more durable, and robust than the Apple Airpods pro. However less fashionable and compact than Airpods pro.

Here we can clearly figure out that Beats studio 3 is better than Airpods pro in terms of build quality and design as it is more robust and has many color variations.

Sound Quality

Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Transparency modeYesYes
Adaptive EqualizerNoYes
Higher bassYesLow bass
Spatial AudioWithout head trackingWith head tracking

One of the most important factors that everyone looks after while purchasing audio devices such as headphones, earbuds, etc is the sound quality.

When it comes to the sound quality, there is a tough competition between Airpods pro vs beats studio 3 noise canceling.

Both of them, i.e Beats studio 3 and Apple AirPods pro comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which filters the unwanted noise from the surrounding environment.

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But Airpods pro comes with Transparency mode and adaptive Equalizer which allows you to filter unwanted surrounding noise and automatically tuning music to shape your ear.

While Beats studio 3 delivers higher bass than Airpods pro, making the original music a little changed. However, it is good for listening to music while performing other tasks.

But looking at their technologies and by personal testing, we concluded that Apple Airpods delivers better sound quality than Beats studio 3.

Also, the Airpods pro performed better in our testing by experts, so the winner in AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio 3 sound quality is Airpods pro.

Battery Life

Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
Battery Type2 Lithium ion3 Lithium ion
Battery Life with ANC22 Hours 19 Hours
Charge TimeApprox. 2 HoursApprox. 1.5 Hours
Charging PortUSBUSB C
Battery Life with ANC Turn Off40 Hours24 Hours

When it comes to battery life, Beats studio 3 vs Apple AirPods pro, Beats studio 3 comes with two lithium-ion batteries and delivers 40 hours of battery life when ANC is turned off while 22 hours with ANC.

With 10 minutes of charge, Beats studio 3 can be used for 3 hours non-stop. While 5 minutes of charge, Airpods Pro can be used for 1 hour of listening time or around 1 hour of talk time non-stop.

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While Apple Airpods pro comes with 3 lithium-ion batteries, delivers 28.5 hours of total battery life, that is 4.5 hours battery life of Airpods and 24 hours of charging case.

But considering the above explanation, we can call Beats studio 3 the winner of the Battery life segment.


Beats Studio 3Airpods Pro
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Apple W1 chipYesYes
Compatible with iOSYesYes
Compatible with AndroidYesYes

Both of them are integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can connect wirelessly.

Airpods pro and Beats studio 3 have Apple W1 chip, for easy and strong wireless connectivity.

Also, these devices allow you to share music, movies, with other devices as well. Both of them have multi-device connections.

Airpods pro and Beats studio 3 are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

All of the specs are the same in both of these audio devices, i.e Beats Studio 3 and Airpods pro. So it is clear to say it’s a Tie.


Beat Studio 3Airpods Pro
ANC (Active Noise Cancellation )YesYes
“Hey Siri” supportYesYes
Music ControlYesYes

One of the most interesting features found in Beats Studio 3 is that it has a W1 chip which makes pairing the headphone to the Bluetooth device easier.
With its introduction of the W1 chip, this release has nailed all aspects that consumers are looking for right now. All buyers will be satisfied by the new design, sound quality, and features like an 8-hour battery life per charge and wireless connectivity.

The device also has a suspension headband that helps in reducing pressure on your head. Ear cups also come with a soft lining for your comfort while listening to music.

With the Airpods Pro, you can easily access Siri and control your music! All you have to do is double-tap on either earpiece and you’ll be able to speak directly into it with crystal clear sound. It’s a big pro because we all know how hard it is to pull our phones out of our pockets.

The Apple AirPods Pro has better noise cancellation, but the Beats 3 has a better sound quality. They’re both equally good if we’re just talking about the ANC, but the Beats 3 has a more powerful sound.

User Guide and Safety Precautions

Here are some points you should look after while storing and using these audio devices that will help you in proper usage.

1) Usage Guide

While we were reading the user manual of Beats studio 3 and Airpods pro, we found some important points you should be aware of.

● Don’t plug in or out the charging wire with sudden shock.

● Don’t bend your Airpods or beats studio 3 headphones.

● Don’t listen to the louder music for longer hours, it can damage your hearing ability.

● Don’t use Earbuds or headphones while charging to prevent electric shock.

● Don’t overcharge the earbuds or headphones, it may lead to heat issues.

2) Storing Guide

Here are some quick points, you should read before storing your Airpods Pro or Beats studio3.

● Don’t store your Airpods or studio 3 in other cases rather than provided by the company.

● Store away from wet surfaces and humidity.

● Keep away from heat surfaces and avoid direct sunlight.

● Don’t compress the case, as it might damage both case and the buds.

So these are some points regarding usage and safety precautions. One should read it carefully to avoid any risk or damages in the future.

Side By Side Key Differences Between Beats Studio 3 Vs Airpods pro

Here are the key specs and differences we have listed below in a tabular form.

You can easily study the table to find out essential similarities and differences.

Features  Beats Studio 3Airpods pro
Build qualityMore robustLess robust
Colors variants7 variants1 variant
Battery life40 hours28.5 hours
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
NDCNot presentNot present
Charging portUSBUSB-C
Music controlYesYes
Quick chargeYesYes


Do Airpod Pros Stay in While Running?

Yes, the Airpod pros stay in while running due to its design and lightweight. It fits your ears and stays seated while running. So, no problem with using Airpods pro while running.

Should I Buy Beats Studio 3 in 2021?

Beats Studio 3 still in 2021, is a great choice as it features great battery life, has 7 color variants, and is more robust. Also, its Active noise canceling works well. So, Yes, you can buy Beats Studio 3 in 2021.

Do Beats Studio 3 Hurt Your Ears?

If you are listening to it on a much louder volume for a longer period then it is normal that it will hurt your ears. But the Beats Studio 3 doesn’t hurt your ear if you use it with mid-level volume, even for longer periods.

How Good is Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancellation?

The Beats Studio 3 works great with Active noise canceling and gives a battery life of 22 hours with ANC turned on and 40 hours without it. Also, the ANC of Beats studio 3 blocks the unwanted noise from the surroundings.

Are the Beats Studio 3 Worth It?

Yes, the Beats Studio 3 is worth buying in 2021. As it gives effective noise cancellation technology along with great battery life and performs well even when used for a much longer period.

Is It Bad to Wear AirPods every day?

many people have raised concerns about how often they should wear these earbuds,
AirPods is new on the market. This is considered new technology and this is not yet fully tested on the long-term effects.
It is hard to predict if wearing AirPods every day will cause any harm to your ears or any other part of your body.


After considering all the essential features, numerous tests we performed, and personal opinion, we came to the following conclusions.
If you’re in search of robust, more battery life, over-ear, and designer headphones then you can comfortably go with Beats Studio 3.
And if you’re in search of compact, advanced, and comparatively better sound quality then you can go with Airpods pro.
These are our personal opinion as we have tested the products and accumulated the data with our experts.
However it’s your personal choice, you can choose any of them, regarding your needs, ease of usage, etc.
Our article on Beats studio 3 vs Airpods pro, made it clear for you to find out the key differences based on your needs and personal taste.