A party without music is like food without salt. So, whenever you’re going to arrange any party, you need some good speakers.

Most people today prefer super loud Bluetooth speakers to make their parties more exciting and to add more fun.

But many people are unable to find the best budget Bluetooth speakers or it takes much time to compare each of them with others and often leads to wrong purchase decisions.

For sake of convenience, we have collected a list of the 5 loudest Bluetooth speakers for under $100. After long testing and collection, we have found these top 5 Bluetooth speakers which are loudest and fall under the portable Bluetooth speakers category.

At first, we sorted the list of 5 and then listed them in descending order according to their specifications.

So let’s start our article with the number 1 which is one of the extremely loud Bluetooth speakers:-

1) Supniu A21

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Supnui A21 is the No.1 loudest Bluetooth speaker under 100 dollars. It provides some amazing features under $100.

Supnui A21 features 60 Watt (80W peak) maximum power output with its 4 loudspeakers including double bass, 2 tweeters.

It is capable of producing a 360° stereo effect with a 100 ft range, facilitated by Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, Pcs, iPad and can also be paired with a wireless microphone system.

Adding more to its design, Supnui A21 is equipped with LED colorful lights that glow while playing audio.

There are 4 batteries inside the speaker which totals 8000 mAH battery capacity, so you can use this speaker as a power bank to charge your smartphone.

Also, it took a total of 3-4 hours to fully charge and can deliver 10 hours of non-stop playback time.

Supniu A21 is also lightweight, as it only weighs 6.21 pounds, which is better than most of the extremely loud Bluetooth speakers.

  • 60 Watt (80W peak) maximum power output.
  • It produces a 360° stereo effect with a 100 ft range, provided by Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • It includes 4 batteries and gives 8000 mAH battery capacity.
  • It can be played for 10 hours non-stop on a single charge.
  • Battery capacity should be increased to 10000 mAH for non-stop playback.
  • It doesn’t support NFC (Near field communication).

2) W-King D8

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Another in the list of best and loudest Bluetooth speakers, the W-King D8 is equipped with a 2.2 acoustic driver,2 tweeters.

W-King D8 is the 50W is one of the loudest speakers under 100 dollars that is capable of playing much louder audio.

It is an IPX6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker that supports NFC i.e you can connect this speaker simply by touching the Smartphone.

W King D8 is a 5.3 pounds heavy speaker which features an 8000 mAH battery that is capable of delivering 24 hours playtime.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can work within 100 ft range and also you can connect or charge with a 3.55 mm wired jack.

Overall W-King D8 is perfectly suited for family pool parties that are organized outdoors.

  • It is an IPX6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker, so no worries about splashes.
  • It supports NFC, i.e can be connected simply by touching the phone.
  • It gives 50W maximum power output. Suitable for family parties or any outdoor parties.
  • It gives 24 hours of playback time with an 8000 mAH battery.
  • Some users complain about frequent battery drop after 1 year of use. This can be neglected as very few users have this issue.
  • It takes 4 hours to fully charge with 30 watts charger.

3) Bugani M83

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Bugani M83 is a 40W Bluetooth speaker suitable for family gatherings and outdoors travel.

It is equipped with 2 subwoofers and 2 tweeters, with dual speakers making it one of the loudest wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Bugani M83 is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker i.e it weighs only 4.62 pounds, so it can easily be carried along.

It is integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 with a connectivity range of 100 ft.

It comes with an 8000 mAh rechargeable battery that can give you 30 hours of playback time, so no problem in frequent charging.

Also, Bugani M83 is IPX5 waterproof making it water-resistant and doesn’t cause any damage with splashes.

Bugani M83 is greatly suited for outdoor functions such as parties and can be used along with a wireless headset microphone.

  • It is perfectly suited for public gatherings and outdoor parties.
  • It features an 8000 mAH battery with an average playback time of 30 hours non-stop.
  • Bugani M83 is equipped with 2 subwoofers and 2 tweeters for maximum loudness.
  • Loudness should be greater to provide maximum audio covering range.
  • It should be equipped with IPX6 waterproofing technology.

4) Doss Soundbox XL

Doss soundbox
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Another in the list of the 5 loudest Bluetooth speaker under $100, Doss Soundbox XL is a 32 W Bluetooth speaker facilitated by a 20 W driver and 12 W super bass.

Doss Soundbox XL can produce a powerful and immersive sounding experience with richer and louder audio.

It is a 3.46 pounds lightweight Bluetooth speaker with a TF card and Echoes dot support.

Also, Soundbox XL features a Bluetooth 4.0 which has a working range of 33 ft, it is lower than the above speakers.

Doss Soundbox XL comes with a 2200 maH battery with 10 hours of playback time (when played at 50% volume). And it takes 3-4 hours to charge completely.

  • It facilitates 32 Watts maximum power output with 12W super bass.
  • It can be connected with an echo dot and can be used with a TF card.
  • It has only a 2200 mAH battery capacity. It is far lower than the above speakers.
  • It is integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, not Bluetooth 5.0.

5) Treblab HD77

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Treblab HD77 is one of the extremely loud  Bluetooth speakers under $100 that can provide a 25W stereo-sounding experience.

It delivers 360 degrees HD sound with the ability of dual pairing at a time. Also, it comes with Bluetooth 4.2 able to provide a 30 ft connectivity range.

Treblab HD77 features a 5200 mAH battery and can be used 20 hours non-stop on a single charge.

It has a built-in mic that lets you talk hands-free without using your phone.

Also, it is an IPX6 waterproof Bluetooth speaker, so no problem with water splashes.

Treblab is a 1.38 pounds lightweight Bluetooth speaker, which is lighter than other speakers.

  • It has a 5200 mAh battery with 20 hours of playback time.
  • It delivers a 360° Hd sounding experience.
  • It should have Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • Power Output should be greater than 25 W for the maximum Loud sounding experience.


By looking at the specs of the above 5 louder Bluetooth speakers under $100, we concluded that the Supniu A21 was the winner in this category.
Supniu A21 provides most of the essential features required in a best and loud Bluetooth speaker such as Maximum sound power output, battery life, and connectivity range.
However, it is followed by other extremely loud Bluetooth speakers that also provide good specs under dollar 100.
We ranked these speakers based on testing, specifications mentioned, and found in our results and user reviews on Amazon.com.
We also listed the pros and cons of each speaker for ease of convenience in making purchase decisions.