You may be asking what happens if you wash your hair every day. If you don’t let your hair go to the cleaners, you may have a problem on your hands. There are several other aspects of your life that may be taking over while you don’t see to it that your hair is clean.

You can have the most perfect-looking hair in the world and if youdo not wash it every day, you could end up with grey streaks. Remember thenumber one reason you were purchasing a shampoo – for your own good health?

The same with your clothes, you should be putting them through thewash each day. Without the damage to your clothing that regularly comes fromwashing your hair. This way, you have to give it at least twice a week for aminimum of three months if you want to save money on your clothes every month.

Harm Your Scalp

Washing your hair regularly has to be done to prevent harm to yourscalp, not to mention your hair. When you wash your hair, you actually dry yourscalp, which means you will damage it over time. The same thing applies to yourhair when you dry it with your blow dryer too, when you use the hairdryer it’snot only drying the hair but the scalp as well.

Don’t forget that once you start to wash your hair regularly, youshould stop using the blow dryer and buy a hairdryer that doesn’t blow away thehair. This is great if you are going to be at work and your hair won’t bedamaged by wind and flying debris, so you can get it dried in your car on theway to work. Of course, if you have a blow dryer in your car, use it sparingly.

Don’t forget that when you wash your hair, you need to make sureyou rinse well. If you fail to do this, your hair can end up with a huge oilybuildup and you will end up with a greasy scalp.

Try to Keep Your Hair Dry

And remember that you should avoid washing your hair in an areathat is very hot or a place where there is excessive heat. It makes sense totry to keep your hair dry or at least cool to the touch. This way you can enjoythe benefits of keeping your hair healthy.

There are many places that you can dry it. Whether you live in anapartment or rent, if you live in a studio, you can have your hair dry-cleaned,even if you can’t afford the salon price. The same goes for people who live inapartments, they can often have their hair dry-cleaned on their own.

The problem is that you will end up damaging your hair in order todry it. Therefore, if you are going to use a blow dryer to dry your hair, makesure you use the oil-free one.

Use Blow hairdryer

If you can’t dry it well enough with hot water, don’t be afraid touse a babyliss salonlight2100 hair dryer that doesn’t blow away the hair. Or if you like to use a blowdryer that is hotter than you need to, remember that you should use a hairdryerthat uses less oil than you do right now.

This way you don’t burn yourself in the process of trying to dryyour hair as well as possible. A good dryer is not something that everyone hasin their home, or it can be expensive to buy, so I recommend that you rent orborrow one from your friend or neighbour if you are looking for a dryer thatdoes not blow away the hair.

A good wet hair dryer will do the job, without any chance ofburning your hair in the process. Just remember what happens if you wash yourhair every day.