In the year 2021, with the latest technologies, companies are competing with each other to provide value to the customer and to dominate the market.

From wireless speakers to headphones there is tough competition everywhere, every company wants to lead the market.

Skullcandy and Sony, are some of the leading audio device manufacturers which range from wireless noise-canceling headphones to earbuds.

While Skullcandy was founded in 2003 in the United States, Sony was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1946. So, Sony is comparatively older than Skullcandy.

But Nowadays people don’t go with the establishment year of a company to make a purchase decision, they compare specifications, price, and many other details too.

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Skullcandy might be a new company but gives a tough competition to other early established brands like Sony, JBL VS Harman Kardon, etc.

But, here in this article, we are going to do a comparison between Skullcandy Crusher vs Sony WHXBN900N headphones based on Sound Quality, Build quality, design, value for money, connectivity, and Battery life.

So, Let’s Start With The Build Quality and Design: –

Build Quality and Design

Skullcandy CrusherSony WHXBN900N
Noise CancellingYesYes
Foldable DesignYesNo
Sweat ResistanceNoNo
Over Ear The FoamYesYes
Volume ControlYesNo
Stereo SpeakersYesYes

When it comes to build quality and design, everyone wants a headphone that is durable, stylish, and comfortable to wear.

The headphones should be lightweight and flexible so that you can use them for a longer duration without any headache and sweating.

If we compare these two headphones Sony WHXBN900N and Skullcandy crusher, both of them are priced similarly.

Sony headphones say for example Sony WHXB900N is more durable and flexible than Skullcandy crusher headphones.

There is an L shape jack present in the sony headphone while it is absent in the Skull candy crusher headphone.

Also, Sony WHXBN900N weighs 0.55 pounds and Skullcandy crusher weighs 0.68 pounds. Here, it is clear that Sony headphones are lighter than Skullcandy headphones.

Most of the Sony headphones are highly durable and lightweight when compared with Skullcandy crusher headphones.

So, it is quite clear that Sony headphones are the winner in the build quality and design category.

Sound quality

Skullcandy CrusherSony WHXBN900N
Driver size40mm40mm
Passive Noise ReductionYesYes

Sound quality is what matters when we are going to purchase an audio device which may be a wireless microphone system or wireless headphones.

When we compare Skullcandy Vs sony Noise-canceling headphones, Sony seems to be much better than Skullcandy.

Sony headphones have comparatively higher bass and Passive noise reduction whereas Skullcandy headphones have relatively low bass and most of the headphones like Skullcandy crusher don’t have a Passive noise reduction feature.

Both of them work fine with ANC but Sony seems to be more impressive. It effectively cancels unwanted surrounding noises and lets you focus on your work. Without being distracted.

So, in our opinion, Sony headphones have better sound quality than Skullcandy headphones.

Battery life

Skullcandy CrusherSony WHXBN900N
Rechargeable BatteryYesYes
Battery Life 24 Hours30 Hours
Quick ChargeYesYes
Charging PortUSB CUSB C
10 Minute Charge3 Hours60 Minutes

If we compare those two headphones namely Sony WHXB900N and Skullcandy crusher. We found the battery life of the Skullcandy crusher to be 40 hours and can be used for 2 hours with 10 minutes of charging.

Whereas, the Sony WHXB900N gives 30 hours of playback time on a single charge and can be used for 1 hour with 10 minutes of charging.

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Both of them don’t have a removable battery and hence you cannot remove these batteries yourself.

By looking at the above specifications, it is clear that the Skullcandy crusher has higher battery life than the Sony WHXB900N.

So, the Winner is Sony in the battery life segment of Skullcandy vs Sony headphones.


Skullcandy CrusherSony WHXBN900N
BluetoothBluetooth 4.4Bluetooth 4.2
WiFi SupportNoNO
Compatible with iOSYesYes

Most of the headphones from these companies namely Skullcandy and Sony have wireless connectivity features.

These headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect wireless, however, some of them come with NFC(Near field communication) to connect or communicate.

If we compare these two headphones, Sony WHXB900N and Skullcandy Crusher, the Bluetooth technology found on Skullcandy was 4.4 and on Sony, WHXB900N was 4.2.

These headphones can connect within 20-27 ft, However, Skullcandy makes better pairing than Sony headphones.

Here, the battle between Skullcandy Vs Sony noise-canceling headphones won by Skullcandy.

User and Safety Guide

While we were testing these headphones we found some user and safety instructions you should look at before using these headphones.

  • Never use these headphones near medical equipment or medicines, as headphones emit radio waves.
  • Don’t use these headphones while charging, as it might lead to an electric shock.
  • Don’t store these headphones near liquids or wet surfaces, it might cause an internal short circuit.
  • Always store them in a proper case without bending.
  • Don’t listen to music for a longer duration as it might cause hearing problems.
  • Also, it is advised not to keep them in direct sunlight exposure as it might harm the headphones.

These are some important safety and user guides that we felt to disclose with our audiences to prevent any damages.

Side By Side Key Differences

Here are the side-by-side key differences for Skullcandy vs Sony headphones, you can look into the table to make a purchase decision.

We have created a table to make a clear comparison between these two headphones listed below.

Build qualityLess durable and flexibleMore durable and flexible
Sound qualityLow bassHigher bass
Battery lifeLesser battery lifeGreater battery life
Passive noise reductionNot availableavailable
BluetoothBluetooth 4.4Bluetooth 4.2
PriceView on AmazonView on Amazon


By looking at their specs, comparing similarly priced headphones of these two brands, we found Sony headphones to be better than Skullcandy headphones.
Sony headphones performed well in Build quality and design, sound quality, battery life, whereas Skullcandy only performed better in the connectivity segment.
Sony headphones have higher bass, it was established much before Skullcandy, have better battery life, and are more durable.
Whereas, Skullcandy lacks is providing better specs than Sony in most of the segments.
Also, in our testing we found Sony headphones performing well in all criteria.
So, if you’re confused in finding out which one is better, Skullcandy vs Sony? So our answer is crystal clear, Sony headphones.