The Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3 are two of the best-selling wireless headphones on the market. The Studio 3 offers a sounder experience for those who use them for music production, while the Solo 3 offers a more accessible version for those looking for something more casual.
What features should you consider when deciding between these two? What benefits does one have that the other doesn’t? Who is this product best suited for? Check out our guide to learn all about these popular models.

Build Quality

Design is something most people like to discuss during the purchase phase of the headphones. It’s also a major deciding factor in the final price of the headphones. That’s why I’m focusing on the Beats 3 and Solo 3’s build quality and its unique design.
The Solo3 and the Studio3 are very similar in terms of overall build quality.
They look pretty similar and are both on the high-end of the price range for headphone prices. The Solo3 has a different design, which makes it an instant standout. It has the same all-black construction with no logo on the earcup. The bridge is also detachable so you can change the audio signature of the headphones. The Studio3 also has an all-black design, but it’s sturdier and more premium. The plastic used for the base of the earcups is higher quality.

Controls and Mic Performance

Contrary to the design, the Solo3 has an app-based control panel and a less flexible mic. On the Solo3, you have to touch the same on each earcup to activate the virtual mic and can only adjust the volume or change tracks. In comparison, the Studio3 has two microphones and an auto-pause function that you can use to prevent accidental mic changes while playing music or having conversations. They also have a more advanced app, and in the app, you can adjust the EQ based on your preference and do a lot more, whereas the Solo3 is more limited. Build and Design Apart from the touchscreen panel, the Solo3 has a nice design, featuring a “Made for Apple” magnetized winglet that sits over the side of the ear and provides a secure connection to your iPhone or iPad.

App Support

When you go for any headphones, you would like to ensure that it can access a wide range of apps and other media. The Studio3 and the Solo3 support Bluetooth connectivity, which means that they can communicate with both Android and iOS devices. This gives you the flexibility to choose which devices to use with the headphones and which to leave out. They are quite similar to each other in terms of weight, shape, and overall dimensions. For instance, both the Studio3 and the Solo3 feature a tangle-free magnetic connection to the included cables. You can also choose between various cable lengths depending on what type of music you want to listen to

Wireless Connectivity

This is one of the biggest factors that you should consider when choosing a pair of headphones. Do you want the headphones to connect to your devices via Bluetooth or wired connections? The Solo3 and the Studio3 are quite similar, but they do have different wireless features. Both can be used with wired headphones, and one can even connect via the non-Apple Bluetooth codec. However, Studio3 has support for Apple’s W1 chip, which allows the headphones to pair with iPhones or iPads. Additionally, it supports full digital signal processing (DSP), which provides a superior wireless connection.
All in all, these headphones perform well with wireless support, but the Studio3 gets an advantage because it also has an improved W1 chip. In the end, the Studio3 is better with the W1 chip, since the Solo3 does not support W1 wireless technology.

Sound Quality

Sound is the first thing that people look for when buying headphones and Beats is known for having the best sounding headphones among the market. That said, these two products share many similarities regarding sound quality. Both the Studio3 and the Solo3 have warm and rich bass that would go perfectly with your favorite music genres. The headphones offer good clarity, highs, and mids and never fail to satisfy the listener. Although the bass on both these headphones is slightly higher than the one on the Studio Wireless, they still sound incredible. The Solo3 has a slightly higher treble range than the Solo, but the slight difference in sound might not affect your listening experience too much.

Side By Side Key Differences Between Beats Studio 3 Vs Airpods Pro

Here are the key specs and differences we have listed below in a tabular form.

You can easily study the table to find out essential similarities and differences.

Features  Beats Studio 3Beats Solo 3
Build qualityMore robustLess robust
Colors variants7 variants1 variant
Battery life40 hours28.5 hours
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
NDCNot presentNot present
Charging portUSBUSB-C
Music controlYesYes
Quick chargeYesYes


The headphone market is dominated by both these products. However, there is always room for one more. The only thing that gives Studio3 an edge over the Solo3 is the mic and Siri integration. If you are looking for a great sounding and great performing wireless Bluetooth pair of headphones, you can’t go wrong with either one. So, go ahead and spend a little more and get the one that suits your specific needs the best.