Started on 18 May 1912 with the Shree Pundalik, Marathi movies are creating history in India and also worldwide.

Marathi movies are specially connected to the people of Maharashtra, but nowadays, it is growing all over the country.

In recent years Marathi movie industries show a massive rise in both terms of income and viewers.

Creating impressive climax and thriller, entertaining audiences in every genre is the motto of new generation Marathi movies.

In every genre, including comedy, drama, animation, etc., you will find Marathi movies as one of the dominant industries.

Many of the Marathi actors and actresses were awarded many national and international prizes.

Marathi movie such as “Kaanbhatt” has won 15 international and national awards, which shows the Marathi movie industry’s immense hard work.

With the increase in audiences, there is a large increase in Marathi movie downloading sites that offer free and paid movies to their users.

Hence users are often confused about finding out the best source or website to download Marathi movies.

By doing in-depth research, evaluating many websites, we founded the top 10 on the list.

So, In this article, we have listed your top 10(free) Marathi Movies downloading sites list. All of them are available free to stream and download.

Top 10(free) Marathi Movies downloading sites list-

So let’s start our article with the number one:-

1) Marathi-Unlimited

Marathi unlimited is the best site for Marathi movie download. You will find almost every Marathi movie, including the latest launches and blockbusters; that’s why it is our first pick in the top 10 (Free) Marathi Movies downloading sites list.

You can download Marathi full hd movies in many genres such as thrillers, adventure, comedy, animation, and much more.

You can also browse Marathi Katta, including articles on health and entertainment.

There is a unique shorting feature on the Marathi unlimited website, which allows you to find movies shorted on the names of various actors and actresses. There are a lot of free Marathi movies download.

There are no restrictions on the number of movies you have to download. Also, the website interface is quite clean, which allows you to surf your favorite Marathi movie without being distracted.

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Features such as essay, suvichar, and wallpapers are available to download on this website. You can download your favorite Marathi actor or actress wallpapers.

There is also a tool for language translation, including English to Marathi and Hindi to Marathi.

2) Marathi Movie World

marathi mvies world

With the help of the Marathi movie world website, you can download Marathi movies without paying a penny.

Marathi movie world shares reviews about newly released Marathi movies and shows, but they also share free Marathi movie download links.

You can download various upcoming Marathi movies in the future as its collection updates at every interval.

Marathi Movie World also posts Marathi actors’ interviews, Marathi music lyrics, and updates for upcoming movies.

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The best part of this website is that it provides short reviews of the movies. You can watch these reviews to find out your personal favorite.

And providing short reviews helps you in saving your time that you may spend on streaming underrated movies.

3) Sky Movie HD


You can download free Marathi movies from the Sky Movie Hd website.

Sky Movie Hd provides new Marathi movie download link that you can directly download to your smartphone or PC.

You can download movies of various quality, including Hd and Marathi full hd movies. Marathi movies are available in various genres, including thriller, funny, romantic, etc.

This website has clear navigation, and on the home page, there is a search bar that directly shows the Marathi movie you have to download.

You will also find movies in various languages, including Hindi, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies and Bengali.

So overall, it is a multi-language Movie downloading website.

4) Snaptube

By using snaptube, you can download Marathi Movie on Mobile.

Snaptube is a well-known website that provides the user with new Marathi movie download option.

To download Marathi movies from snaptube, you have to download a 17 Mb snaptube app, which is quite a lightweight app.

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Snaptube allows users to save movies directly to their mobile so that you can stream anywhere, anytime.

You can also stream Marathi comedy movie free download and save your money expenditure on watching it on nearby cinema hall.

Snaptube is one of the best in class websites with a clear user interface.

And fast loading speed that lets you stream Marathi movies on low-speed data.

There are no restrictions to the number of movies you are streaming and downloading.

5) Internet Archive

You can download movies for free by using the Internet Archive. It is a non-profit organization that has explored more than 525 billion web pages to find movies you searched.

This website is entirely free to use, and you can save hd Marathi movie free download.

It has a collection of over 6 million videos( including movies and television shows) and is hence regarded as one of the best websites for Marathi movies download free.

The feature that makes it better amongst others is its completely Ad-free interface.

The Internet Archive has a unique feature of library organization, as anyone with a free account can create a library for their favorite movies to stream.

Other features such as books, audio, images are also available on this website.

6) My Download Tube


My download tube is yet another site to download movies for mobile. This website is completely free to download Marathi full hd movies.

You can download Marathi movies in HD or full HD quality in various genres, including action, comedy, documentary, etc.

My download tube is simple to use, and its movie collection is updated after every interval, so there is no chance of missing a single Marathi movie.

Being completely free, it offers a fast response in downloading movies including Marathi movies, Hollywood, and Bollywood in various languages.

There is also a separate category for finding movies based on most downloaded, to find out the user choice movies.

7) Mp4 Moviez


Mp4 Movies is our 7th pick in the list of top 10 (free) Marathi movies download site list. It has a large collection of free Marathi movies download.

Users can sort Marathi movies based on their first letter and provide convenience to the user to search their favorite movies.

Not only Marathi, but this website also provides you to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Bengali, and many other movies in different languages.

This website contains lots of Ads, and hence its navigation is quite challenging but having such a vast collection of Movies make this problem negligible.

8) Lime Torrent

Founded in March 2020, Lime torrent is a popular Marathi movie downloading site.

You have just to search the movies you want, and next to the list appears, choose the preferred quality, and now download.

There are a lot of new Marathi movie download, and also this website has clear navigation for its users.

You can search Marathi comedy movie free download, and it will show you the torrent list and direct link to download.

This website also shows the link or website heath, speed, date of publishing, leech to aware users.

Also, Lime torrent provides other features such as TV shows, music, anime, and games.

9) Cool Moviez


Cool Moviez is our next pick in the top 10 (Free) Marathi Movies downloading sites list. It has a vast collection of Marathi movie download free.

You can download the unlimited number of Marathi films just in one click.

This website offers movies in sd, hd, and full hd qualities, including many genres such as horror and favorite user thriller.

Cool Moviez has clear navigation and offers users to download movies in various languages.

10) Cinestaan


Cinestaan is our favorite Marathi movie downloading and streaming website due to its attractive and clean UI.

It provides movies in various languages, including Marathi, Hindi, and English.

Also, it has a collection of various documentaries that users can download or stream.

You can also browse the latest Marathi Movies released in 2021, and also has a feature to participate in contests and quiz.