Subwoofers are like the foundation of any home theater or music system. They provide the low-frequency sounds that make movies and music come alive. There are two different types of subs: two-ohm Subwoofers and four-ohm Subwoofers. You might be wondering what this means and which type of Subwoofers is best for you.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about these subwoofers so you can choose one that’s right for your needs.

What is a 2-ohm Subwoofer?

2-ohm subwoofer takes in 2 watts of signal from the amplifier. These subwoofers can’t get extremely loud. However, they can produce a very audible amount of sound. The minimum recommended power level for a 2-ohm subwoofer is 15 watts, and this is actually quite a lot for a car.

These subwoofers are able to reproduce sound with less power but have higher frequencies and thus produce a deeper sound. They consume fewer watts of power but produce greater sound output. These subwoofers have a frequency range of 30 to 200 Hz.

When comparing a 2-ohm subwoofer to a 4-ohm subwoofer, the 2-ohm subwoofer is expected to have a lower frequency response, lower frequency output power, and a smaller footprint. However, the 2-ohm subwoofer will still reproduce lower frequencies, so they have a smaller footprint.

Picking out a 2-ohm subwoofer is especially important if your car audio system has just been built and you don’t have a lot of room to work with.

What is a 4-ohm Subwoofer?

These subwoofers use less power but are more powerful than 2-ohm subwoofers. They will consume more watts (amplifier power) but produce more sound. Therefore, the manufacturer of 4-ohm subwoofers is less interested in maximizing power output and more interested in sound quality.

This is the perfect size for car audio systems because it does not exceed the amount of energy that is needed to power a 6-inch subwoofer. They are very light in weight but will still have the same amount of bass output as a 6-inch subwoofer.

Why do You Need to Worry About This?

If you have already chosen a subwoofer for your car, you need to know about the quality and quantity of the amplifier. It is advisable to invest in good quality and higher wattage amplifiers for 4-ohm subwoofers for a more powerful bass sound.

There are many types of subwoofers out there, so choosing one that suits your tastes and fits your needs is the biggest challenge. Some of the popular subwoofer brands include Denon, DSD Design, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer, Vestax, Shure, Focal, Beyerdynamic, Focal, and dbx.

Before you make your choice, check to see how much power your car uses. High-power subwoofers tend to consume more battery power and are loud. In order to determine how powerful your subwoofer needs to be, check out the maximum watts

When should You Use a 2-ohm Subwoofer Over a 4-ohm Subwoofer?

2-ohm subwoofers produce less bass than 4-ohm subwoofers. a subwoofer produces less bass than 4-ohm subwoofers. 4-ohm subwoofers have a better response at lower frequencies.

a subwoofer has a better response at lower frequencies. 4-ohm subwoofers produce better bass at high volumes.

A 2-ohm subwoofer is meant for a standard car audio system that uses 2.5mm drivers. A 4-ohm subwoofer is meant for a car audio system with 4.5mm drivers.

By picking out a 2-ohm or 4-ohm subwoofer, you will not only help the overall audio quality of your car audio system but also keep your wallet safe.

When Should You Use a 4-ohm Subwoofer Over a 2-ohm Subwoofer?

There are a few situations where you will want to go for a 4-ohm subwoofer. Improving the overall bass response of your car. Improving the sound of bass-heavy music. Moving from a 2-ohm subwoofer to a 4-ohm subwoofer. You want to ensure that your subwoofer’s specifications and the kind of system you have are compatible.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to find a subwoofer that will fit within the low and mid frequencies of the audio system. The subwoofer that fits within the lower frequencies is generally 4 ohms, whereas a subwoofer that can reach down to about 20Hz is considered a 2-ohm subwoofer.

There are a couple of different sets of conditions for when you would choose a 4-ohm subwoofer over a 2-ohm subwoofer. The first is when you are installing in a car that has a center-mounted audio system and the subwoofer has to go at the bottom of the dashboard.

Well, if you need the kind of bass that can be easily absorbed by the front bumper, then a 4-ohm subwoofer is best. Because of the smaller size and low weight of 4-ohm subwoofers, it’s possible to easily move around in a car. Hence, using a 4-ohm subwoofer in a system can be quite convenient. 4-ohm subwoofers provide better sub-bass than 2-ohm subwoofers.

Car audio manufacturers have begun to switch to 4-ohm subwoofers because of their superior quality. Though they are easier to move around and fit in tight spaces than 2-ohm subwoofers.


Choosing the right subwoofer is important because the quality of the overall sound in your car will be very limited if the subwoofer is not fitted correctly. This guide was created to provide you with some useful pointers on how to make this process easier. It will also help you find out how much money you should be willing to spend.